The What’s New Vegas Rating System

The What’s New Vegas Rating System

Unlike some Las Vegas websites, we are not a corporate shill for the gaming corporations, or the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority. We are a real group of individuals comprised of Las Vegas Locals, frequent visitors, clubbers, and gamblers. In other words, we are all real people who love and enjoy Las Vegas.

Martini Glasses are awarded based on a weighted rating system. Collective experiences of our staff and editors have the most impact on a score. This is followed by guest feedback collected by What’s New Vegas. Then lastly a property or establishments reputation in Las Vegas among service industry employees.

5 Martini Glasses – Generally this is an establishment with world class accommodations, industry leading service, and the best possible guest experience.

4 Martini Glasses – Indicates a high level of service and the guarantee of an above average experience at this establishment or property.

3 Martini Glasses – These are establishments that offer an above average experiences and accommodations that are usually a solid bet for your money.

2 Martini Glasses – Occasionally you are in the mood for something with little less frills and a more down to earth environment and that is what you will get here.

1 Martini Glass –  Generally these are business and establishment that we do not recommend that you patronize as their service or accommodations are lacking in some way.

Empty Glass – This is a dire warning that something is wrong with this establishment and it should be avoided at all cost!